Playground Renovations

Playground Renovations
Posted on 01/13/2023
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We began the process of planning to renew our playgrounds several years ago. The school is entering its 22nd year of inception, therefore the playground equipment is coming up to its end of life. We set a goal to raise $200,000 so that we could then begin the process of applying for grants to further support our endeavour. We are fortunate to have dedicated staff and parents who are helping to complete the grant applications. With the awesome support of the Margaree Fire Department and everyone who purchased tickets, we have reached the point of beginning Phase 1 of actual planning much sooner than we anticipated.

Currently, a school-based committee has recommended playground equipment based on student interests, accessibility, student input and community input.  Our school committee will continue to work the SRCE as this project unfolds.

We are excited about how this playground upgrade will positively impact our students and school community at large.