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Cape Breton Highlands Education Centre/Academy was opened in 2000 bringing together Strait Regional School Board students from L'école NDA, Northeast Margaree Elementary School, Pleasant Bay School and Margaree Forks District High School. The school is located in Terre Noire, Nova Scotia, on the beautiful Cabot Trail.  The students attending CBHEC/A travel from many different areas to attend the school - they come from communities as far away as Pleasant Bay, from Acadian communities such as Cap-le-Moine, Saint-Joseph-du-Moine, Grand-Étang, Point Cross, Chéticamp and Petit-Étang, and from all the different Margaree areas. CBHEC/A has a very diverse population! 



French Immersion P-12

Options and Opportunities (O2) Youth Pathways (French and English)

English Programming P-12 (Community College and University Prep)

Cooperative Education programs in French and English, Grades 11-12

Play-based P-2 Programming



Angela MacKinnon-Poirier (angela.mackinnon@srce.ca)


Andrew Mac Lean (andrew.maclean@srce.ca)

Community Based Learning:

Stacia Evans (stacia.evans@srce.ca)

James Parsons (james.parsons@srce.ca)

Lisa MacKinnon (lisa.mackinnon@srce.ca)

Student Services:

Jason Deveaux (jason.deveaux@srce.ca)

David Ryan (davidn.ryan@srce.ca) / Carolyn MacDonald (carolyna.macdonald@srce.ca)

Angela MacKinnon-Poirier (angela.mackinnon@srce.ca), Chair

Debbie MacKay (debbie.mackay@srce.ca)

Comprehensive Guidance:

John MacKinnon (john.mackinnon@srce.ca)

Early Literacy Intervention:

Debbie MacKay (debbie.mackay@srce.ca)

Louise Desrochers French Immersion (louise.desrochers@srce.ca)

Mathematics Intervention and Mentors:

Ethna Gillis, English (ethna.gillis@srce.ca)

Louise Desrochers, French Immersion (louise.desrochers@srce.ca)

School Secretary:

Christa Fortune (christa.fortune@srce.ca)

Building Staff:

Aubrey Cranton (Building Operator) (aubrey.cranton@srce.ca)

Rita Arsenault (Cleaner) (rita.arsenault@srce.ca)

Priscilla LeBlanc (Janitor) (priscilla.leblanc@srce.ca)

Heather LeBlanc (Cleaner) (heather.leblanc@srce.ca)

Wanda Fortune (wanda.fortune@srce.ca)

Harriet Timmons (harriet.timmons@srce.ca)

Bus Drivers:

John Carmichael (john.carmichael@srce.ca)

Waylon Fraser (waylon.fraser@srce.ca)

Lindsey Hart (lindsey.hart@srce.ca)

Fletcher Ingraham (fletcher.ingraham@srce.ca)

Jody IngrahamPhillips (jody.phillips@srce.ca)

Brenda Timmons (brenda.timmons@srce.ca)

Audrey LeBlanc (audrey.leblanc@srce.ca)

Ronnie Fraser Pleasant Bay School (ronnie.fraser@srce.ca)

Teachers/Teaching Assignments:

Christina Aucoin-Cavanaugh (Français-immersion Grade Primary) (christina.cavanaugh@srce.ca)

Renee Peters (Music P-6, 10-12, Exploring Music 7-9) (renee.peters@srce.ca)

Andrew Clarey  (andrew.clarey@srce.ca)

Ashley Crowley Pleasant Bay School (English Programming Grades Primary, 2, 3, 4) (ashley.crowley@srce.ca)

Melissa MacKay-Hart Pleasant Bay School (melissa.mackay@srce.ca)

Jason Deveaux  (jason.deveaux@srce.ca)

Anna DeWolfe (Français-immersion 4-5) (anna.dewolfe@srce.ca)

Stacia Evans (stacia.evans@srce.ca)

Brendan Kennedy (brendan.kennedy@srce.ca)

Daniel LeBlanc  (daniel.leblanc@srce.ca)

Aurel LeLièvre (Physical Education) (aurel.lelievre@srce.ca)

Pauline LeLièvre (Physical Education) (pauline.lelievre@srce.ca)

Debbie MacKay (ELI/Resource) (debbie.mackay@srce.ca)

Barbara MacKinnon ( Grade 4-5) (barbara.mackinnon@srce.ca)

Charlene MacKinnon (Français-immersion 1-2) (charlene.mackinnon@srce.ca)

Lisa MacKinnon (Français-immersion 7-12) (lisa.mackinnon@srce.ca)

Andrew MacLean (Vice Principal) (andrew.maclean@srce.ca)

Sarah McDaniel (Français-immersion) (sarah.mcdaniel@srce.ca)

Bruce Miller (bruce.miller@srce.ca)

Marilyn Murphy (English Programming Grades P-1) (marilyn.murphy@srce.ca)

James Parsons (Production Technology) (james.parsons@srce.ca)

Matthew Parsons  (matthew.parsons@srce.ca)

Kristen Ross (kristen.ross@srce.ca)

David Ryan (YSF/Resource) (davidn.ryan@srce.ca)

Angela Stepaniak (English Progamming Grades 2-3) (angela.stepaniak@srce.ca)


Nadine Clark

Denise Deveau

Charline MacKay

Donna McDaniel

Natasha Romard


Liam Deveau, Co-President

Lynn MacKinnon, Co-President

Kali Chiasson -Co-Administrator

Mattie MacDonald- Co-Administrator

SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL (SAC) Cape Breton Highlands Education Centre/Academy (CBHECA)-Pleasant Bay School (PBS)

Christina Aucoin-Cavanaugh, Teacher CBHECA

Ashley Crowley, Teacher PBS

Sheila Deveau, Parent CBHECA

Angela MacKinnon-Poirier, Principal CBHECA, ADVISOR (angela.mackinnon@srce.ca)

Liam Deveau, Student CBHECA, VICE-CHAIR

Jody IngrahamPhillips, Bus Driver CBHECA

Sarah McDaniel, Teacher CBHECA

Jamie Taylor, Parent CBHECA, CHAIR, (jamie.taylor07@gmail.com)

Kevin MacKay (RCMP), Community Member (Must not have childeren registered at CBHECA or PBS and may not be employed by SRCE)

Andrew Mac Lean, VP CBHECA (andrew.maclean@srce.ca)


Nicole Bishop, Treasurer

Megan Brown, Chair & Secretary 

Board Policy Manual