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SAC meeting – November 16, 2020


Start time: 4 pm

Open by: Jamie Taylor  


Present: Angela MacKinnon, Andrew MacLean, Christina Cavanaugh, Sarah McDaniel, Ashley Crowley, Jamie Taylor, Jody IngrahamPhillips, Kevin MacKay, Liam Deveau, Sheila Deveau


Regrets: Lynn MacKinnon


  1. Update from Principal
    1. Student Success Plan
      1. Started off the year with some anxiety, coming back to a different looking day. Staff are working hard to accommodate new rules and atmosphere.
      2. Mask wearing- overall students are compliant (some need reminders). Must wear on the school bus. P-3 don’t have to wear in class, but everyone else grade 4 and above must wear throughout the day in common areas and in class if unable to socially distance.
      3. All students P-9 are co-horted.
        1. Just now fortunate to find extra duty supervisors, so CBHA now fully compliant for NS Back to School Plan requirements. Upper grades are now co-horted and separated during unstructured times outdoors.
      4. Teachers in grades 10-12 are moving from class to class to meet up with students. Music teachers moving around
      5. P-9 are cohorted outside. Play within own group of kids
    2. Physically distanced in the cafeteria (grades 10-12)
    3. We are in plan A. Plan B- teachers may not be teaching what they are teaching now. They would have new assignments, new subjects. Some classes need to move out of their classrooms in order to achieve 2m spacing requirement. Classrooms with more than 16 not allowed (which right now, includes grades P-1E and 2-3E, ). P-8 would be at school. 9-12 would be doing at home learning. Plan C would be all students doing at home learning. Teachers are getting prepared to be moving to at home learning. A lot of time and effort. Even with the use of Chromebooks grades 2-12 with the exception of 2F have them already assigned. Encouraging them to take them back and forth. Grades 2-8, they all have their own assigned Chromebook, but if they moved to a different scenario, they would be ready to go. Grades P and 1 will have iPads once we receive them.
    4. Looking at getting apps and tech support going. Teachers have been looking at the list of already approved resources that we could choose for them and then reporting back on what we might want to purchase. The idea being that the teachers are going to looking into incorporating these tools now, then if you do have to move it’s not completely new. Waiting for a document from the province that will outline expectations of both teachers and students.
    5. Breakfast program is back up and running today. Chartwells had been hired in the short-term. So as of today, it is back up and running. Now we are back to operating within our budgets.
  2. Student Success Plans- the focus has been on the Back to School Plan for now.  
  3. Mental Health is a concern for student body; there is a mental health clinician
    1. Through Schools Plus – referral process- triage through Sydney (wait time not too bad within a month).
    2. Larissa- works for – Caper Base- she comes back into the school. Once every other week. No referral to see Larissa. They can make the arrangements themselves.
    3. Kathleen Cheetham – comes in every other week; would be drop in.
    4. We do have a Doctor who would come and the kids could make an appointment through the youth health nurse (Carolyn MacDonald) but we haven’t had because they’ve all been taken into the health field. But a recent email there is a number if called that kids/families can call and make an appointment the doc worked -          this is unavailable in our region.
    5. Parent navigator—she is a good support for parents.
    6. Guidance counselor
    7. Services to support them with if they are open and coming to you.
    8. Ways to destigmatize
    9. Jamie to follow up on mental health “blast” with Angela
  4. Outdoor equipment- funding to fix the broken equipment; there could be a need there that the SAC could support. SSP goals. Go back and get the list of equipment we submitted. SAC to provide some equipment (?)
    1. they are now co-horted with their class from some basic equipment.
    2. Potentially a preferred list (most needed to purchase).

5. SAC financial update- $9,754.87. ($5,318)

6. Late buses-  we don’t have any this year. None in the RCE. We are in a rural school in a large geographical area and when we think about participation. Traveling to and from school is difficult and late buses make a big difference. Concern addressed from here and family of school; however, response from SRCE is that this does not address per se. Extra-curricular is not the priority. Late buses not foreseen despite efforts and requests for same. SRCE wants a fair evaluation (transportation is doing).

7. Students Council- (now grades 6-12) one thing that’s different is pushing for afterschool meetings. Because we have different lunch times (no longer lunch hour meeting). Two-hour meetings after school. We are trying to put together some committees.


  1. Faceoffs- for grades 6-9. Something they can do at lunch and look forward to. Get rewards at the end of the month. How to do it on recess.
    1. Kids planning activities
    2. Running the faceoffs
    3. Kahoots, quizzes, games
    4. To accumulate points (personal points) but also class points
  2. Grade 10-12- getting more movies running on the screens. Every couple of weeks getting theme days (i.e. Jersey day, quarantine day).
  3. Looking at ways to boost morale.
  4. Youngest kids- Bingo; dress up days
  5. Ideas for Kindness activities
    1. Having tea, coffee, hot chocolate for the staff one day.
    2. Candy Canes
    3. Food drives
    4. Clothing drive (hat, mittens)
    5. Telling someone why they are important to you.
    6. Beautification (pickup litter)
    7. Being kind to a classmate
    8. Being kind to nature (bird feeder)
    9. Making people laugh (jokes on the announcements)
    10. Thank you for essential workers (cards)
    11. Christmas cards for seniors
    12. Christmas dinner (free for students)
  6. Angela to follow up on the Christmas dinner from Chartwells
  7. Stacia’s class could possibly make dessert for school
  8. Ashley update (Pleasant Bay)      
    1. Still doing hot lunch on Fridays – because there are 10 students this year (double from last year); and she provides breakfast in the morning.
    2. Granted an FTE – learning support hired full-time to end of January and seen positive gains. She has reading recovery at Pleasant Bay school.
    3. She has had more visitors
    4. Put in four-foot bank of cupboards and other building improvements
    5. Signed up for another run (ho, ho, ho, holiday run). It’s $50 per student and send you a Santa outfit and a medal.
    6. January and February run. Social distancing and being outside.
    7. Planning to do a movie for a Christmas concert. Playing the ukulele and doing a play and greenscreen in the North Pole.
  9. Kevin- RCMP
    1. Cannot be in the school for visits (normally once a week). It might be something for younger kids, we could get information on when they are going to be outside at recess.
    2. Christmas event- for a select grade level-some kind of a parade (Emergency services parade). A Christmas parade of some kind. Maybe firefighters, emergency services, and complete the loop. Fire, Emergency, and Paramedic. Sarah to follow up.
    3. A virtual presentation
    4. The vaping presentation – grades 7 and up. Himself and Carolyn Macdonald conducted back in March 2020.

8. Playground committee – work towards an event for the spring. We still have Chace the Ace, so far $1700 (but the ace keeps getting picked). Bottle drive donations. Collecting money and letting it sit in the account. Letting people know we are accepting donations/grants.

9. Skilled Trades Centre. There is a site visit is coming up. Angela will remind them at the site visit that we have plans for the playground and that we have limited space.



Closing time: Angela moves to close the meeting

Sarah seconds

Meeting ending at 5:37pm.

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